Video Production

Beauty blogger present beauty cosmetics sitting recording video camera. Beautiful woman use powder while review make up tutorial broadcast live video to social network. Panoramic banner background.

Video is the new hottest marketing tool. Today, when the social media platforms are changing their algorithm, making themselves more video-suited, its becomes imperative for brands to express and communicate through videos.

Video has become one of the most important tools in an inbound marketing strategy. Viewers are consuming video content more than ever before and that trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The move from text and visual content to video content has been FAST and businesses who don’t make the transition will be left behind with an under performing website. The overall video production encompasses a lot of time, effort, and artfulness.

From coming up with the concept to drafting strategies to writing script to final shooting, video production is quite a long process and demands patience. It’s much more than picking up your smartphone and shooting video.

Video marketing has transformed the social media game. This change is here to stay and it’s a total game changer. Today every marketer and brand demands videos more than images for their social promotion. It has become an important medium for marketers those who are looking to distribute content and increase engagement — and more importantly, consumers. Videos are the easier mode of entertainment and hence people today are more interested in viewing a video rather than reading an article.

People love stories and video is the best way to make captivate your audience, make them hear your stories, make them care about the boiling issue, empathize with any situation, person or a cause, to make them aware of a product, or to show them something on how to do something, or even just to make them interested enough to learn about a subject in more depth.

From finding an idea, writing a script, shooting, editing, effects or graphics and sound editing video team at 45 Degree do it all. The steps are normally divided in three different categories i.e. pre-production (abstracting an idea and the writing of a script), production (the actual shooting or recording) and post-production (the video editing, sound editing and effects).We at 45 Degree specialize in customized video production.