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Meet Our Team

Ritesh Mathur - Strategy Lead

Do you know how a Digital Marketing Strategist looks like? Well, you don’t need to go anywhere if you have met Ritesh. Having worked on the other side of the table for almost a decade, Ritesh has earned a fair understanding of how a brand behaves, what it needs and how those needs can be fulfilled.

Analytic, dynamic and witty, these are some of the words that define him. Always aligned to his objectives, Ritesh can either be seen motivating his teammates, one way or the other, or playing Cricket.

One of the pillars at 45 Degree, Ritesh has done Masters in Mass Communication and is a PG-Diploma holder in Branding and Marketing. He carries a vast experience of having worked in and for industries like Real Estate, Education, Medical Technology, Telecom, Automobile and other B2B and B2C brands.

Aloke Bose - Creative Lead

Former AVP & Senior Creative Director at JWT. 20 years of experience across agencies- Lintas, Everest, Rediffusion DY&R.

Won several awards (DAC, ABBY, New York Festival) Created campaigns for Pepsi, Frito Lay, Maruti (Zen/Esteem), Nestle, LG, Taj Hotels, Panasonic, Honda and Apollo Tyres among others.

Saket Pathak - Digital Practice Lead

If Google has Analytics, so does 45 Degree. Having one of the best Analytical Brains in the digital industry, Saket is indeed ‘The Digital Guru’ at 45 Degree who settles for nothing but the perfection in every assignment.

Generously referred as ‘Master of small examples where two things matter’, Saket can be found watching Youtube videos, if not engaged with any assignment. He has, as often witted by the team, seen all the videos on Youtube uploaded till date. He loves debates, topic can be of your choice.

Being one of the core pillars of 45 Degree, Saket has handled wide range of brands from Consumer Durable to FMCG, from Real Estate to Sports and Education to Hospital & Medical Technologies. His forte lies in analysing clients’ business and domain and thereby, drafting routes to achieve their goals, digitally.

Santosh Sinha - Content Lead

‘What you inhale is a content, what you exhale is a content’, Santosh is one such person whose thought process revolves around content, be in whatever format. Often confined to clients’ requirement related to social and digital campaigns, Santosh first love is all about poetry and short stories which give him a liberty to express his feelings about nature, society and life at large.

Defines himself as ‘A Curious Backbencher’, Santosh is always ‘High and Spirited’ with big appetite for ideas and creativity, gets inspired by anything and everything happening around him.

Shefali Gautam - Content Head & Platform Manager

A Wayfarer by heart, Shefali provides the much-needed support to the content team at 45 Degree. Often inspired by the nature, she loves exploring new destinations, either physically or digitally.

A Mass Communication Post-Graduate, Shefali knows how to articulate the campaigns. After all, what else would you expect from the ‘Only Girl’ in the core team.

Saloni Bisht - Content Manager

Saloni is a budding writer, eager to explore and learn new styles of writing. Traveling is her inspiration, and congregating real-life stories from across the globe is her aim in life. She is highly optimistic and focused towards whatever task is assigned. Saloni holds a “never say never” attitude when it comes to working hard. Her obedient and at the same time opinionated nature, helps her make better judgments professionally.

Vikramjeet Singh - Web Developer

The man behind magnificent websites, passionate about Software Writing, Web Development and Cloud Computing. A responsibility given to Vikarmjeet is equal to its accomplishment because of his always-on-toes nature and sincerity towards his work. A clean person by heart and always there to help his peers, has completed his MCA and has 5+ years of experience in Digital Field.

Loves to explore new places in his ideal time and spend quality time with his friends and family.

Arun Sisoudiya - Tech and Web Support Lead

One man, many talent, that's Arun for you. A go-getter Haryanvi, Arun is the live wire at 45 Degree, keeping everyone on their toes. Alongside, he also heads the SEO and Technical team, looking after the Googles and Webmasters of the world.

A bachelor in Computer Administration, Arun enjoys five years of rich experience in the digital field. Ambitious, energetic, yet analytic, these are some of the qualities that he possesses.

Ashish Kumar - Digital Practice Manager

A poet by passion, a planner by profession, Ashish belongs to that rare breed of passionate professionals who carry an artistic edge to their analytical minds. Inspired by the power of digital media, and its ability to amplify the reach of a content manifold, Ashish quenches his learning thirst by exploring new avenues to plan and promote a brand's story.

A Marketing Communication graduate, Ashish holds two years of healthy experience in the digital media planning domain. At 45 Degree, he is an integral part of the Digital Strategy Team.

Kuldeep Puri - Creative Manager

"You don't know me" is what Kuldeep carries up on his sleeves. Indeed, it is hard to decode a true creative personality who can bring multiple art adaptations of one single concept in no time. Leading the creative team from the front, Kuldeep is a sharp-minded talent with an ability to improvise, adapt and overcome, a philosophy that 45 Degree follows quite diligently.

Ankana Mitra- Creative Supervisor and Content Executive

Personifying the proverb, speech is silver, silence is gold, Ankana teaches everyone at 45 Degree how to be patient even during the extreme pressure situations. One of the pillars of the creative team, Ankana proudly leads the video division at 45 Degree. Calm, composed, yet ambitious, with quick learning abilities, Ankana has covered a long distance in a very short period since she joined the team as a Trainee.

A Political Science graduate and an Intensive Advance Diploma holder in the Japanese language, Ankana loves exploring new cultures and their languages.

Amit Kumar - Design Support

Carrying solutions in his sleeves to every creative challenge thrown at him, Amit has an in-built ability to decode, analyse and then conceptualize a brand's creative requirements. An out-of-the-box thinker and a trained sketch artist, Amit loves to get his hands dirty trying new things, be it graphics designing or video editing.

Pooja Bisht- Design Support

Driven by the motto 'No task is too big', Pooja is a go-getter, always ready for new challenges. A Graphic Designer and one of the core members of the creative team, she keeps trying her hands in other assignments as well. Sitting idle is not her cup of tea. Always curious to learn new software, Pooja is either updating her knowledge and skills, or is bullying someone for Samosas.

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