Content Writing

The meaning of content differs as per its objective. The content for the website must support the search engine optimization.

Content writing is all about developing content for the websites and across other verticals. Every writer is different from other and has his/her writing technique. But with their own voice they also have to be the voice of the brand for which they are working for. The content on the websites and other platforms put forth the brand’s messaging to the rest of the world. Good content provides the potential user a reason to visit your site and leads them to engage on your site and become your customer.

The most important feature of a good content is to elaborate the visitor about the kind of your business or industry. This all depends how well the content writer knows the brand’s target audience and whether he/she is able to answer the basic questions of visitors. Website content writer must have enough competence to convince the visitor about the product or services offered, then from there the chances of conversion arises. A content writer must know a few things like his/her writing must narrate a story, SEO content writing, how to develop an engaging content and captivate the audience for a longer period and so on.

Today there are so many Content writing company, but we at 45 Degree specialize in quality content development which support SEO as well. We are one of the best Content writing agency in Delhi.

  • We follow a well-thought process inspired by the Google Algorithms.
  • We first analyze the domain, market or the genre to which the client belongs.
  • We then do systematic research for the related keywords.
  • We develop the drafts around those keywords and match with the brand’s tonality and overall communication DNA, including brand guidelines.
  • Once everything put into place, we optimize the page basis the content and the keyword