What are creative agencies?

Building a brand doesn’t happen overnight, it takes mountains of work and human effort. Brand needs to build a strong relationships with people—and much of that work is done through marketing and creative agencies. Creatives or designs have always been at the forefront of advertising. Be it a powerful logo, striking art, or eye-popping colours, design is one of the most important aspects of any ad campaign.Creative Agencies play a larger role in making or breaking a brand.

Creative Agencies put their attention on the layout, design and often use outside partners like ad marketing consultants to fully deploy their work.They combine strategy, design, marketing, and digital services to develop content that addresses the problems, needs or goals of a client.

Top Creative advertising agencies are typically “branding experts” and are great at marketing and product design. Their job includes designing powerful logos, letterheads, business cards, and achieve a cohesive overall branding feel.

A creative agency is diverse and comprised of a variety of experts who can support a brand’s strategy. In general, that includes a mix of the following:

  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Account Directors/Managers
  • Brand and Content Strategists
  • Producers
  • Writers and Editors
  • Video Graphers
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Content Distribution Specialists

Depending on an agency structure, some agencies also work with expert partners, such as a video production house.Creative advertising agencies Delhi work tirelessly days crafting artistic and engaging work for brands and fellow businesses.


45 degree is one such Creative agency in Delhi which is comprised of a careful amalgamation of designers, developers, content writers, PR ‘gurus’ and directors. This creative company in Delhi is a creative powerhouse; never short of an idea or ten.The main highlight or beauty of working in a creative agency is that here each one has their own skill-set and can do some or all of the above.

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